During the period I spent lecturing at Brighton Institute of Modern Music I was offered the opportunity to study for a Masters Degree in Music Education. This Work Based Learning program was initiated at Middlesex University and is designed to develop practitioner research which contributes to all areas of professional practice.

I researched and developed curriculum designed for colleges and Universities teaching contemporary music courses, the final award being Master of Arts in Music Education Management (with merit).


1990 Horse- The Same Sky album (EMI Capitol records)
1993 Horse- Shake This Mountain single (MCA Oxygen records)
1993 Horse- God’s Home Movie album (MCA Oxygen records)
1996 Anita Lipnicka- Wsytho Sis album (Orca EMI records)
1997 Billy Myers- Growing Pains album (Universal records)
1998 Odette Clark-Stay single (Nippon Crown)
1999 James Reyne- Design for Living album (Roadshow, Australia)
2005 Music In Review ABBA 1973-1982 DVD (Music Reviews Ltd)
2009 Costley, Carol -Work based knowledge: widening epistemological perspectives. (Continuum, London)