• Rock / Metal Guitar

    You can learn the techniques and theory behind great rock players past and present. From Led Zeppelin to Metalica, Jimi Hendrix to Eddie Van Halen.

    Check the tutor played examples on the style pages……

    Rock / Metal Guitar
  • Acoustic Guitar

    Acoustic guitar is great to learn if you are a budding singer or songwriter. It’s also a good place to start to learn the basics, though if you explore and study to an advanced level it can also offer a platform for virtuoso solo playing.

    Tutor played examples are included in the styles pages…..

    Acoustic Guitar
  • Pop Guitar

    Learn the songs you’re listening to on the radio now or favourites from the past. Whether it’s Brit, Indie or X factor you can play the music you love for fun or develop the professional skills needed for contemporary music.

    Tutor played examples are included in the styles pages…..

    Pop Guitar
  • Blues

    Just 3 chords, 5 notes and 12 bars make the blues one of the first styles most budding rock players learn in order to develop their soloing skills. Expressive and dynamic it’s the basis of most rock music.

    Tutor  played examples can be found in the styles pages…..

  • Country

    Country music from America is probably the best selling music in the world. Crossing over into pop and rock it’s a great style for guitarists and offers plenty of scope to dazzle friends and audiences with rapid fire fretwork!

    Tutor played examples are featured on the styles pages…..


Guitar Lessons Glasgow

Guitar Lessons Glasgow, Lanarkshire

Though a bewildering mass of information and learning material can be accessed from music tutors and via the web, there is no substitute for learning person to person. A study program which is tailored to your individual needs together with direct feedback from an experienced professional guitarist, offers the quickest and most efficient route to developing your skills as a musician.

Private Guitar Lessons can be based around how you want to learn. I can supply backing tracks for you to practice along with and tailor tuition to your own specific goals.

I cover most classic and modern styles, so if you are learning rock guitar or accoustic guitar as a beginner or aiming to enhance your skills all the way to a professional career in rock or pop, private tuition from a highly qualified teacher with an exceptional career in music can give you the best possible route to enjoyment and success.

I don't actually believe I'm a natural on the guitar. I had to work very, very hard to be able to play.–Steve Vai

George is the best guy around for private guitar lessons. Glasgow has always had a great music scene. –Steve Cochrane, Music For Scotland